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"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." --Mark Twain

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Friday, May 25, 2007

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.
--Jorge Luis Borges

Booking Through Thursday was easy this week. "No"

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Booking Through Thursday

It happens even to the best readers from time to time… you close the cover on the book you’re reading and discover, to your horror, that there’s nothing else to read. Either there’s nothing in the house, or nothing you’re in the mood for. Just, nothing that “clicks.” What do you do?? How do you get the reading wheels turning again?

I just don't worry about it. You can only hold your breath for so long before you just know you have to take a breath. Reading to me is like breathing, I just have to do it and I can only go so long without it. I use the time to catch up on my magazines and go on-line or to the library until I find a book that catches my eye. This is also a good time to pick up "easy peasy" books that I can breeze through in a day or two, like romances or a children's books from days gone by.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I just finished reading Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich and I was kind of disappointed. I had been wanting to read this one for awhile and read all kinds of reviews where people talked about getting upset with the way things are, but I only found myself getting mad at the author. There were times when I'm sure she was attempting to be funny, but being a low-wage earning for most of my life, I found her jokes offensive, especially when she was describing the clothes found at Wal-Mart. I just felt like this was a token book for rich people who want to say they understand the plight of the working poor in America. Ehrenreich did make comments about how she understood that she was only pretending and that she couldn't fully get what the poor experience, but I still felt like she had a superior attitude that many times bordered on racist. Having said all that, I would still recommend reading this book to anyone who have never been there, or it's been so long that they need a reminder.