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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Wednesday What-If

1. What if you could choose to be the ruler of one country on Earth?

Australia. Simply because I think it's cool that it's the only country that's also a continent. My ex-roommate lives there and I want to visit and their seasons are flipped so it is hot in January. My daughter could have an outdoor birthday party.

2. What if you could be one politically influential person who is alive today (like President Bush or even Oprah)?
I wouldn't actually want to be anyone else, but I would pick Alan Greenspan because he controls the purse strings of these United States of America. Now that's power.

3. What if you could finalize one cause (such as end world hunger or stop animal cruelty)?
Homelessness. That's just stupid that this world can't provide it's people with a home.

4. What if you could entirely make-over your own country -- what would it be like?
I'm pretty flexible. The only thing I would truly make-over is the homeless situation and mandatory child care, insurance and schooling for everyone 21 and under.

5. What if you could start a new planet -- what it would be like?
I'm kind of partial to Earth. Maybe I would get rid of all the stupid people, otherwise I'm good.


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