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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Okay, I can't give up my reference books. I was going to concentrate on reading novels, short stories, biographies, etc and not include reference books on my list of 100 books, but I can't do it. I took the kids to the library yesterday and didn't get one novel. Nope, all reference books for me. I speed read reference and self-help books, so I can easily read 1-2 a day, but that means that the novel I'm currently reading didn't get read yesterday. I won't get through 50 books this way, so I'm re-doing the rules. That's the nice thing about this undertaking, I can make, change, ignore or re-write the rules to suit me. Even though I am going to include reference books, I will only include the ones that I don't speed read. Deal? Good.


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