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Thursday, May 08, 2003

3 for Thursday (#31)

I thought we'd play the game a little differently this week. Our topic is:


1. What do you consider the worst short term ailment in order of magnitude of pain:

a. Migrane
b. Sore Throat
c. Upset tummy (with any accompanying discomfort)
d. Other (specify)--Childbirth. I did it naturally and neither was by choice. Drugs are your friend

2. When you're sick, what treatment/medication do you take and for what?

a. Apirin/Tylenol--For my headaches if they get really bad, or last for more than 2-3 days
b. Other Over-the-Counter remedy--If I get a really bad cold, but this is rare
c. Prescription Drug(s)--Nothing beats an infection like the doc's drugs, again, very rare
d. Home concoction (what exactly is it?)--Uh, no

3. When you're sick, you:

a. Immediately call the doctor
b. Take one of the remedies in 2(a) - 2(d) above
c. Do nothing and let it run its course--This is my number 1 choice, but I will break down and call my doc if I have to. D. is out of the question.
d. Let your spouse/significant other listen/sympathize to your moaning and try to take care of you as best they can


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