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"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." --Mark Twain

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

For lots of reasons, I love the Bible. I love having reasonable, honest and open discussions about the Bible regardless of what faith the other person belongs to. Some of my best discussions are with a friend who is a Jehovah's Witness and some of the most frustrating are with one of my best friends who grew up in the same church as I did.

Say not, 'I have found the truth,' but rather, 'I have found a truth.'
Kahlil Gibran
Lebanese artist & poet in US (1883 - 1931)

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  1. Just out of curiosity, as we enter into Passover and Easter season... have you ever read the Bible? Just the odd chapter or Psalm? The whole thing? (Or, almost the whole thing? It's some heavy reading, of course, and those "begats" get kind of tedious.)
    Yes, to all of the above. It is heavy reading, but it's fasinating. I believe that no matter how long you have been a Christian, Jew, Buddist, whatever, you are still learning about your faith. Since I consider myself a Christian, I feel as if I have to read the Bible to grow in my faith.
  2. If so, was it from religious motivation or from a literary perspective? Stuck with nothing else to read in a hotel room the Gideon's have visited? Any combination?
    Yes, again, to all the above.
  3. If not, why not? Against your religious principles? Too boring? Just not interested? Something you're planning on taking care of when you get marooned on a desert island?
    I have too many discussions with people not to read it so that I know what I'm talking/praying about. I don't believe in blind faith.
  4. And while we're on the subject... what about the other great religious works out there? Are they more to your liking?
    I read religious and/or spiritual books on a regular basis. I have tried to read the Koran, the Book of Mormon and others, but I just couldn't get into them. Even though I no longer practice, I was raised Catholic, so I've read the Apocryphy which I guess some would consider separate from the Bible.


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